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Support your students imagination and creativity during the school year with our Graphic Novel Production workshop. The workshop promotes critical and abstract thinking around graphic novel design and story structure. Our workshop curriculum introduces techniques to your students used in graphic novel production and engages small crews in digital photography and editing. It is the perfect culminating task to your unit of inquiry. 

Using our equipment and supplied curriculum, your young filmmakers will create their own graphic novel They will learn to storyboard, develop a script, cinematography, edit, and add special effects, music and titles.

The final result... a graphic novel that Stan Lee would want to make a cameo in. 

                           WHAT'S IN THE BOX 

  • MacBook Air loaded with how to make a movie content

  • Pro HD camera

  • Tripod

  • Green screen

  • Boom microphone with pole

  • Kid friendly how to make a movie guide

  • In Person instruction



  • Learn and practice the digital story telling process

  • Engage with digital equipment for meaningful outcomes

  • STEAM engagement using math, arts, technology and engineering

  • Oral / visual communication skill development

  • Collaboration and social engagement 

  • Digital media literacy skill development 

  • Critical and abstract thinking

  • Understanding of communication using distance learning


2 - 12​

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