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Film School in a Box will turn your classroom into a bustling newsroom full of action and adventure.

Using our equipment and under the IN PERSON guidance of a master filmmaker, your young filmmakers will learn to research an event, or create a fictional story and re tell it using sequentially using traditional(television) and new media (social media) journalistic skills. Students will story board, Use a green screen, act in and edit their own short news broadcast.

The final result... a story worthy of the 6 o'clock national news. 


                           WHAT'S IN THE BOX 

  • MacBook Air loaded with how to make a movie content

  • Pro HD camera

  • Tripod

  • Green screen

  • Boom microphone with pole

  • Kid friendly how to make a movie guide

  • In Person instruction


  • Learn and practice the digital story telling process

  • Engage with digital equipment for meaningful outcomes

  • STEAM engagement using math, arts, technology and engineering

  • Oral / visual communication skill development

  • Collaboration and social engagement 

  • Digital media literacy skill development 

  • Critical and abstract thinking

  • Understanding of communication using distance learning 


4 - 12 


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